Specialized in colocation and cloud services, CLOUD & RACKS is a Carrier-neutral Datacenter (operator-neutral) of Tier 3+, which provides a fully redundant IT and network infrastructure, and meets the strictest security standards with a projected availability rate of 99.98%.

Cloud & Racks has:Two energy chains independent of each other (2 sources of electrical energy, 2 generators, 2 regulators, 2 inverters).A redundant cooling system.A network infrastructure connected to Internet service providers for redundant bandwidth.

We guarantee availability in our SLA and offer clear penalty clauses in case of service disruptions. As for the average annual duration of service interruption, we undertake not to exceed 0.8 hours each year. We offer cloud storage and backup services with virtual private servers available online as well as disaster recovery plans. We accompany all these offers with supervision services for your infrastructures and technical assistance (Eyes and Hands).

Cloud & Racks DataCenter Vision

Contribute to further stimulate the growth of the digital sector in Africa, this is our vision.

Cloud & Racks DataCenter Vision Mission

Allow companies of all kinds to have an adequate information system without the need for expensive computer equipment.

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We are in the PCI-DSS certification process. Our data center uses advanced security technologies such as biometric access control and surveillance cameras in addition to 24/7 physical security. The facilities and data center are ISO 27001 certified, the global quality standard for information security. Only authorized personnel with approved credentials are permitted to enter the data center. All employees have undergone extensive background checks and advanced training.


Outsource all the IT equipment in your server room to racks in our Datacenter. Your equipment will thus be in an electrical and climatic environment, reliable and optimized for their operation. You will continue to access your servers and applications as if they were still on your premises.


Rent virtual servers to install your software or sensitive applications with flexible and easily expandable computing power (CPU) and storage (Hard disk).


Secure your data by saving it on our backup servers in order to find it in the event of a disaster, theft or corruption of your data.


Our Datacenter provides IaaS, SaaS, PaaS services and locally hosted websites with low latency, high performance and peering with the Internet Exchange Point hosted at Cloud & Racks. The Cloud is fully redundant to ensure continuity of service in the event of failure of one of its component elements.

Eyes and Hands

We provide fast Eyes and Hands onsite support and infrastructure monitoring of assets hosted at the Rack Center, 24x7x365. The Eyes and Hands service is a service offered by Cloud & Racks to its customers that allows them to delegate management tasks (installation, configuration, etc.) and computer maintenance (server restart, cable connection, etc.) to DC technicians. Monthly subscription: shutdown and restart of equipment, cable connection, server status check, monitoring of rooms, equipment and links, etc. Emergency:

Disaster recovery

We offer disaster recovery plan offers based on your business needs.Request an offer

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