A choice of OS to operate your VPS

We offer a wide range of all your preferred operating system under our various VPS package. We keep it simple..
Choose your package based on your budget, select your OS and activate and you are ready to do..
Our products are built on a powerful automation tool, which makes it easy for you to be ready. We take away the pains of installation and let you focus on your business..







Top Reasons to Host with Us

Cloud & Racks is a tier 3+ Datacenter. Located in Lomé, Togo, Cloud & Racks offers colocation and cloud computing services. To ensure the availability of services, we have two independent energy chains with an availability rate of 99.98%.


We ensure a high-level service to our clients by leveraging any power outage. We have in place 120 kVA of electric power, two independent arrivals from each other, two chains composed of generators, regulators, inverters. We guarantee a projected power availability rate of 99.98%.


We have several cloud products readily available with an automated deployment to facilitate all configurations and set up. Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud such as scalability, business continuity, flexibility, automatic updates among many others..

Network Uptime Guarantee

Our Datacenter provides IaaS, SaaS, PaaS services and locally hosted websites with low latency, high performance and peering with Cloud & Racks hosted internet exchange point.


A neutral carrier to promote as many businesses as possible. We have 3 entry points (MOPEs). An overhead fiber. An underground fiber (connection to local suppliers and to the underground card). A connection to several Exchange Points (TGIX, GIX, LINX...). Possibility to choose between optical fiber and Rj45. Connection with international operators.


A total area of 600m2. An area of 270 m2 for the clean room. A total of 44 racks available

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Technician Availability 24/7

Cloud & Racks has technicians standing by 24/7 to help when you need tech support.

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Cooling systems

Managing data center cooling is a central part of our 100% uptime service level standards

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